Social media contest

The objective of this contest is to spread information about the MEW and its activities in the weeks previous to the MEW 2020. It is very easy to participate, you just need to:

1-. Follow the official profile of BEST UC3M  oficial de BEST UC3M  in any of the following media  InstagramFacebook o Twitter.

2-. Share posts on Facebook, Instagram stories or retweet MEW20-related posts on Twitter and send a capture by direct message to the BEST UC3M account of that platform.

3-. Repeat the process! Every time you share a post correctly it will be counted as a share.



The winner will receive an Amazon gift card valued at € 30.

To prevent participants from being disqualified, we recommend reading the contest rules carefully:
  • Take into acount:
  • Any registered participant in the MEW 2020 who does not belong to the association will have the possibility to participate.
  • The winner will be chosen according to the contest rules.
  • The winner will be announced at closing .

Instagram trivial

The objective of the contest is to make the MEW known to Instagram followers by taking a 5-question questionnaire about MEW 2020 on Instagram stories

To participate you have to follow the BEST UC3M account (@ bestuc3m) and answer the 5 questions posed from November 18 to 19. 

Each correct answer will count as a participation that will include the name of the participant in a numbered list.

You can check the contest rules below.

The winner will be decided randomly between the contestants.


The winner will get an Amazon gift card valued at € 10.

Assistance contest

The objective of the contest is that the participants to the event attend as many online activities as possible that are carried out throughout the event. So that they have the opportunity to enjoy all the services that MEW 2020 offers, both the competitions, as well as the conferences or workshops.


The contest will consist in that the name of the participants will be entered in a database managed by BEST UC3M each time they register for an activity, used later to carry out the draw. If a participant attends multiple times, they will have more entries in the draw.



2 winners will be randomly selected and will receive a prize from an Amazon card valued at € 30.