Photography contest

The objective of this course is to show all assistants taking part in the activities being conducted during the MEW, as well as any other personal moment they choose to share with us to showcase the variety of activities, participants and situations that take place in the Madrid Engineering Week. It is very easy to enter this contest, all you have to do is:

1-. Take pictures during the event, choose the ones you like the most!

2-. Like or follow BEST UC3M in the social media in which you will upload the photo (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter).

3-. Upload the picture with the hashtag #ConcursoMEW20 and label the BEST UC3M page.

4-. Repeat the process! You can upload as many photos as you want. Keep in mind that the more activities you assist, the more pictures you will have. 


A prize will be awarded to the best picture, determined by the jury, said prize will consist of an Amazon gift card valued in 50€.


For every other question you may have and to avoid being disqualified we recommend you read the guidelines of the contest.

Take into account:
  • Any participant registered in the activities that BEST UC3M organizes during the MEW 2020 will have the right to participate in the contest.

  • We don´t focus on excellent quality, photos taken with your phones will more than suffice.

  • The winners will be announced during the closing of the event

  • The accounts in which the pictures will be uploaded must be public in order to evaluate the photo.

Examples of pictures we like…

MEW assistance contest

The objective of this contest is for the attendants to the MEW to take part in as many activities as possible in order to have the opportunity of all the services it has to offer.  Every student that has been registered in at least one activity will be considered in the contest. 

As they register themselves, the name of the participants will be introduced in a numerated list, your name will be added each time you register in one activity. Said list will be published in the web Friday November 15th at 23:59, therefore further applications will not be considered. Beware, in order for your participation to be considered, you must attend the activity.

To determine our winners, a random number generator will choose three random numbers.


  • 1st prize: amazon gift card valued in 50€

  • 2nd prize: amazon gift card valued in 30€

  • 3rd prize: amazon gift card valued in 20€